2021 YUHUAN DIGITAL TRADE FAIR” was successfully held

In order to help enterprises overcome the offline communication barriers caused by the rebound of the epidemic and minimize the adverse impact of the global epidemic on foreign trade exports, 2021 YUHUAN DIGITAL TRADE FAIR (East and Central Africa – Auto parts Fair) was successfully held on June 28, 2021.

This exhibition is sponsored by Yuhuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and undertaken by Shanghai Gebo Exhibition Co., Ltd. The online fair will last for 5 days. The activities include two parts: one is “one to one” online video matchmaking (June 28 – July 2);The second is for the concentrated display stage (June 10 – July 9).


The online fair has completed more than 100 precise matching activities within five days. More than 50 professional purchasers from the Middle East and Africa and high-quality Yuhuan auto parts production enterprises have realized accurate docking and matching online through Internet information collection technology and cloud video conferencing technology. To provide more support and services for participating enterprises to reach a deal, help Zhejiang enterprises to obtain a wider range of trade and cooperation opportunities, is a true sense of the effective core online exhibition.

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