China Cangzhou Auto parts Export Digital Fair opens in 2021

On the afternoon of October 25, Chinese and foreign guests gathered together to welcome the opening of 2021 China Cangzhou Auto Parts Export Digital Fair. Yin Weijiang, vice Mayor of Cangzhou People’s Government, Han Guangpu, Party Secretary of Cangzhou Commerce Bureau, Sun Weidong, second-level researcher of Cangzhou Commerce Bureau, Wang Hailin, chairman of Middle East International Exhibition Group, Xiao Feng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Global Exhibition Co., LTD., and other domestic guests attended online. Thousands of miles away on the Internet, officials from st. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia’s National Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Dubai Department of Economy, Dubai City Hall, Morocco’s Central Entrepreneurs Association, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Arabia and other overseas institutions attended the opening ceremony.107 Cangzhou auto parts enterprises online exhibition, the United States exhibition consulting Co., LTD. China’s chief representative, Hebei Aide Exhibition Co., LTD. Senior consultant Mr. Cui Xiangyong presided over the opening ceremony.

Automobile and parts industry is one of the six new driving forces in Cangzhou city. In recent years, cangzhou auto industry has made great progress, the vehicle production to achieve breakthrough, special purpose vehicle to flourish, molding, and other auto parts industry growing, especially in electric, intelligent, snatched, sharing, under the trend of cangzhou car industry follows current fashion, pure electric vehicles, smart snatched auto industry development in the city.

It is reported that the online exhibition will be intensively displayed from October 25 to 29, focusing on the display of cangzhou three characteristic industrial chain clusters of parts and components, and more than 100 enterprises online cloud connection with international buyers. Botou automobile mold industry cluster, Cangxian automobile parts industry cluster, Hejian, Xianxian automobile aftermarket industry cluster, are increasing scientific and technological research and development, to create green, circular, low carbon remanufacturing products.

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