China Xingtai Export Commodity Digital Trade Fair Grand Opening Ceremony

In the list of global buyers, the familiar manufacturer bases and suppliers in China will definitely include cast iron cookware and instant noodles in Longyao County, baby carriages in Pingxiang and Guangzong County, cashmere and auto parts in Qinghe County, and glass in Shahe City, bearings in Linxi County, glasses cases in Xinhe County, textiles and clothing, photovoltaic solar energy in Ningjin County, pet supplies in Nanhe District, felts in Nangong City, etc. The bases for the above products are all located in the famous historical and cultural city of Hebei Province, the advanced manufacturing base in central and southern Hebei which is the logistics hub-Xingtai City.

On December 15, China Xingtai Export Commodity Digital Trade Fair will be held, hosted by the Xingtai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Hebei AID Exhibition Co., Ltd and MIE EVENTS DMCC, this fair has registered more than 100 foreign trade companies, which industry involves household goods, auto parts, hardware and building materials, baby strollers, cashmere products, felt utensils, etc.

In 2019, the total import and export value of Xingtai was 15.48 billion yuan, an increase of 5.3% over the previous year. Among them, the total export value was 12.8 billion yuan, an increase of 3.5%. Although affected by the Covid-19 epidemic this year, as in October, the total value of imports and exports reached 12.77 billion yuan, of which exports were 11.14 billion yuan, maintaining a steady growth. The main export products are solar cells, steel, bicycles and parts, chemical products, cashmere, carpets and felts, fur and leather products, cotton textiles, clothing and clothing accessories, tires, glass, valves, precision casting, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, hardware, etc.

In recent years, the Xingtai Municipal Government has attached great importance to foreign trade import and export and proposed to cultivate a large and strong group of leading enterprises by supporting enterprises to create their own brands and acquire international brands, encouraging long-term cooperation between enterprises and international fashion design and industrial design institutions to transform technological and intellectual property advantages into brand advantages and comprehensively improve the level of export products, focusing on key advantage areas such as mechanical and electrical, new energy, equipment manufacturing, high-tech, textiles and garments. The government has also done a lot to enhance the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of their products. Sinosteel Xingtai is the world’s largest foreign trade company with single steel production capacity with the strongest scientific research strength. JA Solar’s annual output of solar cells has led the world for many consecutive years, with an existing cell production capacity of 7.3GW, ranking first among global cell manufacturers.

Zhao Xuefeng, Director of the Xingtai Municipal Bureau of Commerce said, “This online exhibition is a concentrated appearance of foreign trade companies in Xingtai City. Chinese and foreign businessmen are welcomed to pay attention to this online exhibition and purchase Xingtai products through cloud negotiations. We are looking forward to close cooperative relations with ‘win-win’.”

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