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GHANA: Government to power airports with solar energy

The Government of Ghana is about to implement a project to power the country’s airports with solar energy. It is receiving support from India for this solarisation project. Ghana’s airports will soon go green thanks to a government project that aims to equip every airport in the country with solar power plants to supply electricity. […]

Driving Africa’s green revolution

With 90% of sub-Saharan Africa’s food currently produced by smallholder farmers on plots typically under two hectares, the continent’s traditional farmers are a vital element of food security. Since the continent also has over 60% of the worlds potential arable land, how Africa’s farmers are supported to mechanise and industrialise is not only critical to […]

Carbon Tax Makes Renewables More Attractive – Newmont Mining

Carbon Tax Makes Renewables More Attractive – Newmont Mining Carbon price regulations are boosting the case for renewables at mine sites by making them more financially viable, says one of Newmont Mining Corporation’s chief metallurgists, Frank Roberto. “Right now, without considering the cost of carbon, we default to the traditional sources of power. But, with […]

Ghana Food & Drink Report

Ghana will experience strong growth in food and drink spending in 2020 and over the medium term, supported by a favourable economic outlook, rising disposable incomes and a large young adult population (20-39 years old). While disposable incomes are gradually rising, they remain low. This will limit food spending to staples in the bread, rice […]

Ghana to switch over to DTT platform by mid-2020

Ghana’s Communication Ministry has set the middle of 2020 as the time for the final switch over from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) system following the nearness of the completion of the process to switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) system. Addressing a meeting with stakeholders on Government’s plans regarding the DTT […]

Investing in Ghana’s Mineral Processing Sector

Ghana is endowed with substantial mineral resources and has a well-established mining sector, which has grown considerably in recent years to represent an important pillar of the Ghanaian economy. The general slowdown in the mining industry however resulted in medium and micro impacts in terms of loss of employment and other local socio-economic contributions, as […]

A positive challenge: The logistics sector looks set to grow

Ghana’s recovery from a dip brought on by the global financial crisis is certainly good news for the logistics sector. With economic growth of 14.5% in 2011, according to the IMF, and as the government plans to use the offshore associated gas finds to bolster economic diversification, the prospects for logistics firms look strong. A […]

Ghana’s Automotive Market

The automobile sector of Ghana has been a driver of growth of the country as it is one of the most visible sectors to receive foreign investment. Ghana is a multicultural and ethnically diverse West African nation and is the 9th largest African economy. On the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, Ghana ranks as the […]

Francis Nutsuego: The Booming Real Estate vs The Ailing Furniture Industry in Ghana

As the real estate industry is booming in Ghana we expect the same thing in the furniture industry because they go hand in hand. Whenever you build or buy a house the next thing is to furnish it . Unfortunately, the furniture industry is not well developed in this country. The challenges faced by the […]

World Bank to support Ghana and six others to harmonise statistics

Ghana and six other West African countries are to benefit from a $379 million World Bank Group support to help harmonise and improve their statistical systems. The other countries are Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo. A statement from the World Bank said the African Union (AU) and the Economic […]

#BizTrends2020: Africa’s double-edged consumer demand

Africa’s consumer landscape is fragmented and polarised, characterised by the double-edged demand of a diverse base of consumers. Some are feeling more prosperous, while others are amongst the most stretched spenders in the world. Some crave new, premium or convenience products, while others seek value for money, quality private-label goods, and prefer to stick to […]

Ghana is being heralded as the next big tourist destination. Here’s why

When some of the most well-known faces from the African diaspora arrived for a recent vacation in Accra, Ghana, it looked like just another gathering of famous people. Actors including Idris Elba rubbed shoulders with supermodel Naomi Campbell, TV sports presenter Mike Hill, and author Luvvie Ajayi. Behind this meet-up of box office stars, fashion […]