Zhejiang Online Export Trade Fair (Kenya Station – Beauty) is in full swing!

To the implementation of “Innovative exhibition service mode”, to control Covid-19 better and promote the economic development of Zhejiang Province, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province encourage the enterprises to attend the virtual exhibition. Thousands companies already got the good experience through online platform. Now there is Zhejiang Online Export Trade Fair (Kenya Station – Beauty) opens on GTW, which is organized by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and supported by MIE EVENTS! The date of it is 24 – 28 Aug,2020 and will show the good quality of products from Zhejiang Province last for 1 year on GTW.

Zhejiang is one of China’s major foreign trade production and export provinces, and has a certain reputation in Africa and even the international market. A large number of African buyers come to Zhejiang every year to purchase goods. Subject to Covid-19, African buyers attend the B2B Online match meeting with the Beauty suppliers from Zhejiang Province during the virtual exhibition.

The key driver of Kenya economy is the strong population growth and well-educated workforce. Kenya is the unshakable position as the sales and distribution hub for the larger east African market. With the development of the economy, people are paying more attention to the beauty. So Zhejiang Online Export Trade Fair (Kenya station – Beauty) provides the good opportunity for Kenya buyers and Zhejiang companies to promote the business.

The famous companies from Zhejiang attend the Video meeting such as MAKEOVER BIOTECH CO., LTD., Zhejiang Weili Plastic Co, ltd, JINHUA ALICE COSMETICS CO.,LTD, Zhejiang Sophia Cosmetics Co.,Ltd…. Looking forward that they will have the good cooperation with Kenyan companies in the future.

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